eMail Marketing

We provide professional eMail Marketing service

e-Mail Marketing

The massive reach of internet has made it mandatory for most businesses to not overlook the importance of email marketing. It is actually an essential tool for ensuring a marketing strategy that is affordable and will yield brilliant results. Although direct mail advertising is still preferable by many small sized businesses, email marketing is something that is here to stay for long and we know this fact very well. eMail marketing is a kind of direct marketing where a business use emails as a means of communicating with its target customers. Aakshat Vaishnav with its ample experience in the field of delivering excellent email marketing services is a leading firm currently catering to a global clientele. However, the most important thing is to understand why your business needs email marketing.

Why Nilesh Nimavat?

Our eMail marketing service play an important role in changing the marketing strategy altogether, bringing you more business

* Creative eMail Design

Our committed team of creative experts offers you various email template designs . We can supply a full customized email template as per your demand.

* Targeted Customers

Our Safe and fresh opt-in campaigns sent to targeted addresses geographically and industries vise filtered. Resulting huge increase in your email leads.

* 100% Delivery

We guarantee 100% delivery rate, which means almost all the mails sent will be forked up to email addresses given into particular list.

* Campaign Report

We supply a detailed report on each and every campaigns that is broadcasting. Reports include Sent, Open, Clicks, Bounces. We provide very detailed reports.


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