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Important Tips we must not forget when our wordpress website taking long to load.

In most of case 90% users feel bored of slow websites and they left and goto another similar websites for their required products, services, or information they are looking for. So you must you some tips for your wordpress website here.

You must optimize your website it will increased your websites loading speed. Its great approach to keep happy visitors of your website and also you can generate more revenue.

If you have enabled compression on your htaccess file, combined CSS files, moved Javascript files to the footer but you are still not happy with the loading time of your site, then check these some common issues that slow down your website.

* Super-heavy websites

There is no doubt that a 3MB page making 180 HTTP requests is going to be slower than a 1MB site with 60 HTTP requests.

Do you want to optimize the loading time of your site?

One of the best ways to do that is by minimizing the size of each page of your site.

Although you can optimize your images, combine CSS files, minify Javascript files and apply many front-end optimization tweaks, having a 3MB site is going to make your site slow and the users of your site unhappy.

21MBs are a huge load for both the server and the browser.

21MBs are a huge load for your server and your browser.

While you are designing or redesigning your site, you should do your best to load only what you need and nothing more.

In others words, you should always ask yourself:

Do I really need 8 big images at my slideshow at homepage?

Do I have to display 20 portfolio items at homepage?

Should I show 12 testimonials of happy users at homepage or 3 testimonials will do the trick as well?

Loading all these data makes your site look nice but your site will be slower as well due to all these data.

Do you want to have a slow loading site? If not, then minimize the data loaded per page of your website.

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