Online Local Directories Becoming Sophisticated

What online local directories wish to offer to consumers is to take search-engine algorithms and PageRank out of the equation and instead feature the business first. Organic searches bring up the same companies repeatedly due to the volume of web traffic that business receives. Unfortunately, it does not denote that the business has good services. All it shows is that it is the most popular search phrase going on across the Web.

Online local directories place every company on the same marketing field. People can normally search by service or product category, then narrow their search by the closest business to their location, the list of services offered, and other available information. Client reviews may also be available so consumers get a clearer perspective of how the business has satisfied past clients and how they handle complaints.

Complete, Accurate Information on Local Directories Paramount For Success

With such a viable marketing option found in local directories, small businesses and new SEO companies need to offer the right information on local business directories to receive positive results. Some companies make the mistake of only providing the barest outline of services, a website URL or merely a telephone number. In a 2010 report from TMP Directional Marketing, 17% of people become dissatisfied performing local searches because of incomplete information as one in three people will abandon their searches.

Using online local business directories to their fullest potential greatly increases a company’s online presence and branding. They are designed to allow a company to place more information on the page without limiting ad space, much like the Yellow Pages of the past, as a company can provide a more enjoyable search experience to the consumer that will result in a conversion and sale.

Online local business directories are the new Yellow Pages of today. Any small business can reap in the benefits by getting themselves listed on as many reputable online directories they can find to spread their exposure.


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