Advertising to help jump-start your social buzz again!

We’re already into February for this new year, but where is your business in the social world? Are you gaining ground and getting more followers, or do you feel your social presence is dwindling? No worry. Digital Marketing PTA has recently developed a Social Media Advertising to help jump-start your social buzz again!

This pack is for you if your business has social accounts (Bingo The Social, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc.), but you haven’t had much time to promote it. Your business is building daily in the social world, but not as much as you’d like. Your business doesn’t have a social presence at all, but you would like to get started now.

If your business fits any of the criteria above, then you’re the perfect candidate to benefit from the Social Media Advertising. What’s included? 5000 Bingo The Social User 4500 Facebook Fans, multiple Shares and Likes, 10,000 Twitter Followers, Re tweets, and more! Click here to read the details – low investment for a valuable social-boosting service! “OMG… This service really rocks! I got over a dozen phone calls from people that I know I would not have received without your service… and the best part is we can do it all again next month. Thanks!” – Karman Malek, HotBite Spice Food

Keep your head up…your social presence can grow with this unique package. Social Media Advertising gives you an amazing boost in social followers and interest from a targeted audience. Click below to grow your social audience for 2013 – the best time to start is right now:
AUTHOR: Pretoria Website Design
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