When you can ride piggyback with experts  Digital Marketing PTA?

Bingo the Social, Twitter and Facebook have been around long enough that our marketing experts at Digital Marketing PTA have learned quite a bit about these popular social sites. But we didn’t learn the ropes over night…it’s taken us years to gain “social knowledge” and to learn how to work these sites for maximum benefit for our own business as well as our clients’ companies.

This is Good News for you because you can enjoy Bingo The Social, Facebook and Twitter success simply by taking advantage of Digital Marketing PTA‘s Social Advertising Services. We’ll post a custom ad message and link to various Facebook Fan Pages that total approximately 1 Million Facebook Fans, either monthly or one time. And that’s not all…you can also select from 4 options to have your Tweet Ads (with URLs) sent out to reach Over 425,000 Twitter followers!

Social advertising doesn’t have to be stressful…let the experts handle it for you! Get on board with social ads that work today – it’s easy and affordable: http://www.digitalmarketingpta.co.za/social-media-marketing/

“Using social marketing has been a revelation for me. At first, I didn’t even understand social marketing, but after experimenting a bit, I was delighted and enthused at the potential it offered! Advertising in Twitter® & Facebook has helped to broaden our business exposure & brand into a wider audience … and at such reasonable prices! Thanks Digital Marketing PTA! I love it… and the results have been excellent!”
— Kalindi Vaidya, HealthCareSolution

Why re-invent the wheel of social advertising? We have an audience that’s waiting to receive your Tweets or to see your Facebook ads. So don’t miss the Social Phenomenon – this can really boost your business! Select your Social Advertising Option by clicking here:

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