The benefits are overwhelmingly positive for your business videos!

No one can deny that savvy online users love to watch videos.  How many times have you watched a shared video on Bingo the Social Networking, Facebook or Twitter...or even on a friend’s phone or iPad?  Now imagine if your company videos are being shared by potential customers all over the Web!

Videos provide several benefits for your business.  These are like having your own TV commercials…except the ads are running all the time instead of only during a designated “commercial break.”  You can use videos to promote a product, offer FREE stuff, get sign-ups for your email newsletter, promote a cause and raise awareness, offer tips, and much more.

Your company videos can provide the same benefits as written content – including better SEO rankings – but with the added visual effect.  The key is to create professional videos that are of high quality.  That’s where Digital Marketing PTA can help. We now offer a Video Submission Service with which you’ll receive 20 + Videos Submitted to 20 + High PR Videos sharing Website for your business.

Video Creation and Production PLUS your videos hosted on Digital Marketing PTA’s popular YouTube channel.  You can share your videos with Bingo The Social, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus followers, your blog and even on your own website.  Once the video has been created, you can promote it anywhere to get exposure…and we will even help you do that through our Video Promotion Service.  So click below to see example videos and get started now:

“Using videos for my business has made a tremendous difference to the professional look and feel of our website, not to mention the number of new clients that we have picked up in the last 6 months. I would definitely recommend for any business to consider the new dimension of business that videos can bring to a business. Thank you Digital Marketing PTA!” — Dr. Batra, Dermatologist

Make Video Promotion a priority because it’s not going away!  These are high quality HD videos created about your company, products or special cause.  We will Submit your videos within 7 days and host them on our popular YouTube Channel.  So don’t put it off any longer…click below to get your videos now:

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