Similar to what folks do at social bookmarking websites online

That simple action is similar to what folks do at social bookmarking websites online! Web users save and/or tag sites they want to visit later on or multiple times. And not only can a person visit the sites they’ve tagged for themselves…they can share these with other bookmark site users. Sites that are being shared are getting more targeted traffic as well as more attention from search engines.

You’ve probably heard of or even used bookmarking sites yourself; some of the more popular ones are Bingo the Social, DIGG, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Dropjack, Propeller, etc. These sites have become quite popular, but that’s not the only reason you’ll want to bookmark your website. They also provide valuable permanent links to your site.

To harness the tremendous advantages of Social Bookmarking, Piya Group of Company created a service that bookmarks your website pages from 125 popular Social Bookmarking sites. Choose to submit 2 or even 5 URLs from your site(s) to these well known bookmarking venues now. Click here to benefit from the Social Bookmarking Pros with this special offer:

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Social Bookmarking is still an effective way to get valuable backlinks to your site. Select at the link below to submit 2 URLs or 5 URLs…two affordable packages for bookmarking your site today:

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